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Continuing growth in the world of E-Commerce makes it necessary for small businesses to focus on top-notch service. It becomes more and more critical to have systems in place allowing the user experiences to exceed expectations. These systems are imperative to success.

One way to do this is to have automations in place that personalize the experiences while making them as time-effective as possible. In a world where there is less personal interaction, customer service is made through online interactions where the user's needs are as important as if they were interacting one-on-one. ​

Setting up processes through automation is critical to online success.

How does a small business accomplish this when it isn't feasible to have a staff member to set up these processes for you? You outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA). There are VAs who specialize in these types of services and are available to help set up the automations for your business. Then, those processes run on their own leaving you the time to focus on the details necessary to provide the highest quality product to your clients.

What exactly is an automation and how can my business use them?

Automation is taking a customer's information and funneling it through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that takes certain data points and creates custom-tailored ads and information by segmenting their lists and databases. You don't want to send Millennial information on AARP discounts available through your company. You want to be sure to send them the email asking for pictures of them wearing or using your product on social media. Show them you are in touch with their needs and interests.

Point of Sale (POS) systems are also key to online success. Purchasing through your site shouldn't be cumbersome or take several minutes to complete. It should be a quick and painless process that offers your consumer time-saving tactics.

Outsourcing to implement the strategies is key to keep small businesses on the right track.

Small businesses may have limited resources of both time and money for such tasks. Taking the time to hire a VA to establish a system that can then be managed with little time on the business' end of the workload is a worthwhile endeavor.

Not sure how to connect with a VA to help you establish such systems? Connect with me today!


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