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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Do you know? Can you explain it? If you say it to someone else and they give you the blank stare, can you clarify it for them?

Wikipedia defines Virtual Assistant as:

This is a basic, over-generalized description. It is much more detailed than just this.

Being a VA is owning a service-based business built on the skills you love and your principles. It is not just one thing. It’s not just assistance in completing tasks. It is so much more.

A VA is:

​An Accountability Partner

A VA’s workload and success hinges on how effectively the client provides information and details. Deadlines and timelines are how a VA keeps on her schedule. She keeps on a strict project timeline as it is how she moves forward in her own business.

When entrepreneurs are handling all tasks themselves, it is much easier to push something off for another day. A VA expects you to uphold deadlines as both successes rely on it. A VA can be the best source of accountability.

A VA has to plan her schedule based on a client’s timeline. She will press to meet deadlines and anticipated timelines. She will stay on top of clients to keep projects moving along. A VA is better than a calendar reminder.

A Cheerleader

A VA wants clients to succeed as much as they do themselves. A client’s success is essential to her viability as your VA. She will push, motivate and keep things moving forward. She wants her clients to be the best and will push them to develop further. A VA will provide tips and motivational speeches to keep the collaboration as positive as possible.

Nervous about a launch, video, or podcast - look to a VA. As an invested collaborator, she knows the ins and outs of the offer and will offer sound advice and relieve those lingering doubts. She, most likely, has a wealth of background to support that advice.

A Personal Google

As a VA grows in business, learning the ins and outs of her areas of expertise is crucial to continued success. Clients can pull upon that expertise to build their business.

Relying on a VA for quick, accurate information eliminates lulls or stalled progress on projects. Having a trusted source of information and reliability gives clients peace of mind.

A VA is so much more than an assistant. As a collaborator, she will be part of a client’s business family. She becomes as invested as the client on reaching success levels.

A client will take pride in having a trusted VA supporting their business.

Are you in need of a VA or not sure? Reach out to me and we will come up with a plan of attack. Let’s reach your goals!

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