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Yes, I give advice on ways to improve systems, no I'm not going to send you screenshots of my Standard Operating Procedures as examples.

Clients ask how to improve profitability by automating systems and tracking sales, which I excitedly give suggestions and input on what types of systems to implement.

It did, however, become uncomfortable when a client asked for screenshots of my SOPs and client tracking. I can always gray out client information and provide basic overviews, but my business model isn't going to work for a different type of business or someone who operates differently than me. So, I eliminated those uncomfortable moments by creating a format of asking questions that make my clients truly stop and evaluate how they like to work.

How do they view information, and the essentials in the outcome?

By creating an atmosphere that allows them to determine their workflow, I am creating positive outcomes leading to business growth. Considering my SOPs are built for a Virtual Assistant business, they won't work for a Coach, Real Estate Agency, or a large corporate firm. So, sharing what I do isn't realistic or feasible.

There are many available and certain ones for certain types of businesses. Sharing my knowledge and learning new things are some of my favorite parts of running Do It The Write Way. So, yes, I help my clients research and find systems that meet their needs.

Showing you my workflows as examples doesn't make me successful or right. Helping clients find their own outcome makes me, and my client, successful. My way isn't the right way for anyone but me.

So, bridging these types of questions no longer creates an uncomfortable situation, but an opportunity. It is an opportunity for me to present information and allow my clients to create the right systems for them. ​

How can I help you create the right systems in your business? Schedule a call with me so we can work it out, together.

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