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In growing your business, we all know how important each step can be – from blogging to building a portfolio and creating a substantial social media presence. But, what I recently learned from talking to an esteemed colleague, is that not everyone understands that each of those pieces can build upon one another to create an even bigger product or service.

In creating each piece, the creative graphics, the properly worded blog, the catchy caption, do you think about how to use it as a layer to something bigger? More than just “your brand”?

Maybe Not – If Not, You Should

You pull the audience in with your creativity and knowledge of your subject matter. Build upon that edge you have by maximizing your position. Craft a thoughtful, well-organized, eBook or course taking your most successful and informative pieces and putting them all together in one place. What can you offer? How can you provide something of value and substance?

Look at how the pieces all flow together? Is there an underlying theme or thought process? Take that and use it as a means to position yourself as an expert to your clients and potential clients. Then, once you see how it can layer upon each piece to create something greater, you can start with a theme and break it down into the pieces. You can present each piece, almost like a teaser, leading up to the BIG PRIZE!

Build excitement over what will come next. Will you present this topic that will lead to a great learning tool, and how does it all come together? Who knows, it could even lead to you teaching a course on your subject or offering a one-on-one coaching program to help newbies in your field. You may become the leading force that others will look to for information and tools to move their businesses forward.

Moving up the ladder – where will you go next!

What can you do to make it happen? You can actually sit down and look at what the main objectives are that you want to accomplish and break them down into subcategories. Then, focus on each one of those to create the starting point that will create excitement for your BIG IDEA!

Run with it. Get CRAZY! Let your excitement for your area of expertise come out. Nab those people who think what you have to say is meaningful, cool, and worth their time. There are millions out there looking for ideas, inspiration, and support along their journey. Be a source they can rely on.

Make Yourself their GO-TO Guru.


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