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Last week I received an email from another business and I was rather surprised. The email had a texting-style language - extra letters in words and exaggerated punctuation.

This is a business that has always upheld a more traditional style of communication, following standard language protocols, and using formal salutations. To receive an email from a new staff member in a format I would save for text messaging my friends and teenagers, was unexpected.

In today’s business culture, there are numerous areas where a more relaxed format is necessary or expected. However, it needs to be used in the right context.

Sending a thank you from your business email can, and normally does, look different than the one you would send a friend or your mother in personal email or text.

As a VA, I am keenly aware to take note of my clients’ brand voice when replying on their behalf by email. It is vital to make the tone consistent with each client’s business model and the voice they use throughout their business conversations. This isn’t specific just to VAs, however, it is a standard that all employees/contractors should uphold.

Remember, you are the voice of the company you represent. Be respectful of your employer or client by remaining ever vigilant to uphold those standards.

If you’d like more details on how Write Way VA can provide you branded email management and customer service schedule a call with me today.

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