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Finding your target market isn’t always easy and weeding through the vast array of ways

to find them can be arduous. So, what is a budding entrepreneur to do when they don’t have days to spend hunting/researching/lurking to find niche areas? – Get fastidious in presenting expert-level ideas and solutions for the issues facing your target market.

Determining how your knowledge and skills can answer the call of your niche is essential in growing your credibility and gaining clients. Start playing BIG and showcase those skills by presenting ideas and solutions to those you can offer guidance and support.

Be Mindful of Your Presentation.

Provide positive, supported solutions that will lead to engaging interactions and potential clients as you communicate more with those benefitting from your expertise. Allow your excitement about your subject matter to come through in your tone and words, your voice. Be the answer to someone’s problem. Be the easy-peasy solution they struggled to find.

Provide Easy-to-Follow Steps.

Offer solutions that require little, or no, additional learning on their part. Yes, there is always something new to learn. Offering a solution that requires purchasing new software, learning an entirely new platform, isn’t going to be an easy solution. Make your solution something tangible that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Then, you can offer a more complex solution to a larger scale problem that then solidifies your expertise and Voila – a new potential client.

Offer a Once and Done Solution to Showcase your Expertise.

Don’t offer your niche all your skills that they can then complete themselves if they have the time. You want to provide just enough information for them to solve their immediate issue while still looking for more concrete solutions as they grow their own businesses. Give them a small tool from your kit that they can implement, but then come back to you to learn more. If you are offering a group or 1:1 program, provide the information to get them started, but look for further details from you to move forward. If you offer a service-based solution, let them know you can help them with no extra effort on their part. Allow them the opportunity to focus on their knowledge and use yours to achieve that next level of success.

Be Confident in Your Presentation.

Let people know you are confident in your niche area and provide proven solutions. Be sincere in your delivery and let potential clients know you are secure with the information you provide. Let your knowledge speak for itself. Be the leader you know your expertise offers. Offering solutions in a timid and insecure manner will not bring clients to your door. Maintaining a professional, purposeful demeanor will attract people as determined as you to succeed.

Know You Provide Value.

The information and knowledge you offer is top of the line so expect people willing to pay for that level of expertise. It is easy to devalue yourself or give discounts to land that client. However, when you undercut yourself you are undermining the level of service you offer. Know that you are worth your rate and believe the right clients will come. Offering deep discounts will surround you with clients who are less dedicated than those who understand great services come at a cost.

Be Consistent.

This is hard – hard for me too. Remain consistent in offering your solutions and communicating with your potential target market. If you are consistent, they will come to expect a level of service from you and look for your tips and guidance. Creating a consistent plan and sticking to it needs to be part of your routine. Yes, it is one of the hardest things to do when you are an entrepreneur. However, sticking to a schedule can mean the difference in that next client choosing to work with you over someone else. Accountability is tough when there is no one over your shoulder. It can be done. It is something I am working on as I write this. So, no one is perfect, but striving to stay on track is crucial.

Remember Why You Started.

There will be days where doing this is tough. Remember why you decided to follow this path in the first place. What is your reason for being here? Remember that you offer value to those seeking your solutions. You are helping someone grow and become more successful. If that isn’t reason enough to keep going, I don’t know what is.

You are not alone. There is a whole world of entrepreneurs out there and clients who will benefit from your knowledge. And, if you need a little guidance in getting there, a little nudge from someone who supports you and your business, reach out.

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