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Starting any relationship comes with the excitement and enthusiasm it so deserves. It’s full of all the new things, all the firsts, and that flurry of “Woo”. A working relationship is no different. It is just as exciting. It’s a fresh start with all the unknowns that come along with beginning something new.

A new client is excited just as you are. They are full of energy, excitement, and ideas. They over-communicate and share their BIG ideas and thoughts. This, however, can be short-lived. Just as when that new relationship is no longer “new”. It becomes comfortable and you become relaxed. It also becomes less “work” with no need to keep that energy level high. It becomes everyday life.

Clients do the same thing. They are excited to start working with you, but once it becomes part of that familiar daily routine the urgency and excitement fall off. All of a sudden you don’t hear from them as often. They aren’t as eager to respond to your requests or messages. Or, if really complacent, they will even delete your messages without reading them.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t happy with your work, they have just gotten comfortable with your working relationship.

It is easy to “Dazzle” someone in the beginning. This is when the work is fun and new. You can quickly and easily complete tasks, and they are excited about every bit of work or research you share. That is the easy part.

Once this phase ends, this is when the Hard Work BEGINS... NOW!

After the comfort sets in, you must stay dedicated to your communication plan. Did you initially set up to connect once a day, every other day, or just as needed? It is your job to make it consistent. As the service or product provider, you are the one responsible to maintain that plan. You established it for a reason. Keep it that way.

You need to over-deliver, as you did to land the client. Meet or exceed deadlines, and keep the enthusiasm at a high. They chose to work with you. Remind them daily why they opted to start the relationship with you rather than someone else. “Wine and Dine” them throughout your entire working relationship.

Present new opportunities and ways to continue the growth pattern. Don’t allow it to fall into a comfortable routine that just meets the expectations. Your status quo needs to exceed anyone’s expectations. Be the one that continues high quality throughout your entire working relationship.

How can you do that when you are working hard, and consistently busy? Well, it is just part of your business model. It can’t be one way to land the client, then crap once you think they are yours. If you don’t deliver, they can always move on. Find someone new to regain that excitement.

If you provide a product. Once they receive your product, don’t leave them high and dry. I don’t know about you, but I’ve purchased online courses where right after the company or person receives your payment, BAM you never hear from them again. Are you going to purchase from that person again? More than likely NOT. You need to keep communicating with all your clients. Even if it is simply a monthly email saying Hi. There is truth to Constant Contact. Grow that relationship, stay motivated. ​

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