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I have talked to people interested in seeing what it takes to become a Virtual Assistant and something I’ve heard over and over is, “I am just…” or “I just do…”. This is the wrong approach when brainstorming a business idea.

You are so much more than “just” anything - You are a Master, an Expert.

You have mastery and experience in some service skills - whether it is mailings or letter writing or customer service - you are GREAT at something. Don’t sell yourself short. Be honest about what you have mastered. Being an expert in service will provide you with the tools necessary to help others and build your service-based business.

Undermining your skills is not an endearing quality revered by others. It comes across as though you lack the confidence it takes to be a success. You want to portray yourself with the confidence to lead others looking for help with your services. You aren’t out to be led but show that you have the capabilities to complete the work and take responsibility for the successful results.

Look outside of the box for creative ways to apply your skills.

When you look outside the standard office space to apply your skills, it is easy to hit a wall. You think that if you were good at sending out mailings at your last office job there is no way to transfer that to online work, well you’re so VERY WRONG! You can become a contact database manager as well as mail merge manager - creating labels and envelopes to create locally to your contract. Be creating with how you share your skills.

If you are good at lettering, consider becoming a calligrapher who can address envelopes or create invitations. Beautiful lettering is still a needed commodity and people look towards professionals to help them. Gone are the times when you only look locally for someone to do such tasks. The internet has made the world easily accessible and clients will look for what you offer.

Start thinking BIG - local clients are not needed.

You can build a profitable business and never have a client locally. In some situations, your local marketplace cannot sustain the type of business you build. That’s not a problem. You have the tools available to grow and sustain your online business. By all means, connecting with local people is great to grow your audience and refine and craft your message. Take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Looking outside your community can present new opportunities to broaden your horizons. Looking outside your comfort zone opens the door to endless possibilities. Open your mind by interacting with people at different success levels. Interacting with people who possess the skills you admire and want to grow within yourself will help you move to the next level. Grow your circle, grow your mind, grow yourself.

Always use your Elevator Speech/Pitch to start talking about your business.

You need to be confident and enthusiastic when discussing your business. Presenting your ideas with confidence lets people know you believe in your abilities and what your business offers. By staying confident in your message, you grow your business brand. You want potential clients to know your offer(s) is worthy of their time and money.

The more you speak with confidence, the better it gets. Like they say, “fake it until you make it”. Even if you have doubts about your offers, the more you speak about them with confidence, the better you get. Be proactive from the word go to keep growing and making the most of every opportunity presented to you.

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