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Ok – Business Card and Elevator Speech in Use, Now What?

After careful planning and decision making on your part, you have implemented a clear Elevator Speech and got your “Snazzy” business cards in potential clients’ hands, now what?

Follow Up!!

This is what will make or break you. You have hit a few with your elevator speech and passed out your card left and right, so you have taken the first steps. The outcome of those hits is determined based on what you do to follow-up with the connections you’ve made.

Hitting the ball out of the park is timely and effective communication.

You want to follow up quickly after you’ve made a connection and piqued someone’s interest. Keep you and your business at the forefront of their thoughts. Doing so, within a day or two of your initial introduction, you set the groundwork to signing them as clients. You should include a Call-to-Action in that follow-up.

What is a Call-to-Action and how do I present it to them?

Your call-to-action should be clear and provide steps to follow. Offering a link to a lead page for a course you offer; providing a strategy session to set up a service package to meet their needs; or sending them an assessment to see if you can effectively collaborate together are great ways to start.

You want to show them the benefit of your business, your services. Allow the value of your services or offer to shine through. Present yourself in a manner that shows your skills while offering potential clients’ a means to meet their needs. Do Not turn into the run-of-the-mill “Salesy” cliche.

The benefits met through using your service is the BEST way to gain clients.

By telling someone what you do, you simply offer a crap sales pitch. However, if you listen and learn how to meet their needs, you turn into a problem solver. BINGO – you have a client. You then continue to show them how your services meet their needs. This is not a once and done process. It is how you build value in your continued service. If you love what you do, then it will be a snap.

Do Not get sloppy – it will show.

Don’t start off with the gusto of gale strength winds to mill around and keep going like a gentle summer breeze. the gusto is what gets them to find you a worthwhile expense. Don’t reward that with the enthusiasm of a wet mop after they say yes. You have to live and do what your benefits present. You can’t say one thing to get them in the door and then not deliver. You will quickly lose clients and credibility if you don’t follow through on your word. Earning the trust and respect of new clients should keep you showing up day in and day out. Each day is a new opportunity to knock their socks off. It is not the time to slack off and get complacent thinking they will stay no matter what.

Remember, you are not the only person who is offering these services.

There is a reason they chose to work with you. Remind them of that reason every chance you get. Remind them why they should stick with you to keep growing their business and meet their needs.

If you have a great idea and aren’t sure of the next step – sign up for a free strategy session so we can discuss how to gain that next new client.

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