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Networking – a term a lot of people have come to despise while others can't wait for the next event. Me. I am somewhere in between. Networking is great when it is done with people who possess the traits and skills I want to learn about or grow within myself. However, events with less than par attendees leave me drained and weary. Regardless, I do my best to make the most of all events I attend.

I have come to realize that Networking Preparedness is vital to success. Attend any event unprepared without marketing materials and you can come across as unorganized and unprofessional. Also, being able to summarize what you do and why it matters is a key component to success when networking.

I have come up with a Networking Preparedness Challenge that offers you the chance to create your own Networking B.O.B.

A What???

A Networking B.O.B. – it is a networking bug out bag. What is a bug out bag you ask? Well, it is a survival kit. So, I have created a Networking B.O.B. that contains everything you should have to be prepared at any time to network and build your business.

You never know where your next BIG client will turn up – maybe at that soccer game or band concert. Sitting at your local restaurant eating dinner, someone may overhear you comment about your business and BOOM, you have a discovery call scheduled. Whenever and wherever, you need to be prepared.

After watching numerous people fall short in this area, I learned early on how vital it is to be able to share your business at a moment’s notice. Be prepared at all times. Your grandma may have warned you to always wear clean underwear, but I’m sure your business-minded grandfather was sure to keep you on your toes about your business endeavors, regardless of where or for whom you worked. You may have gotten annoyed by both types of inquiries and recommendations, but both were coming from a place of love and concern.

You want your business to shine at all times. Make sure you can exemplify what you want your clients to learn from you. It doesn’t matter if you want to work with a number crunching auditor or the free-spirited artist, they will all take notice if you aren’t prepared.


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