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Way to Go! You are getting new clients and need to get them on board and running up to speed as quickly as possible. However, you find yourself stumbling over the entire process which in turn diminishes your level of expertise. Getting new clients up to speed effectively and efficiently is key to better time management in a professional atmosphere. Don't leave those people excited to get going stuck in a vicious cycle of asking for more and more pieces of info that could've been gathered all at once in the beginning.

Create an On-Boarding Workbook

Having an on-boarding workbook that incorporates an explanation of what is provided, expected, and summarizes what shared information is necessary can make all the difference. You want to provide a clear, concise overview of the next steps and what it means to work with you. Make the workbook exciting and inviting. Don't offer a litany of lists without providing background and a solid foundation for your working relationship.

Present the information and expectations in a manner that portrays your style and voice, your brand. Create a process that becomes very personal allowing you to grow and facilitate the relationship between you and your new clients. Remind them why they decided to work with you and make them feel secure in that decision.

Showcase Your Knowledge

You want the entire process to embody your knowledge base. Provide a seamless, effortless process that projects your expertise in a professional, easy-to-follow manner. Allow your excitement about your area of expertise to propel your message forward. You want your clients excited to work with you and grow themselves. Leaving them stuck in a web of information will stifle their growth and your level of success.

Your voice should come through in your materials and provide a total package that says, "Yes, I do know what I'm doing and I've got it under control." Organizing the process will allow clients to focus on the vision of what's ahead for them and their growing businesses.

Be Authentic

Interact with your new clients genuinely and authentically. A workbook should create memorable interactions that build upon your initial connections with new clients. Make them feel comfortable and at home working with you. You are essentially providing a security blanket that builds their trust in you, your expertise, and your ability to provide them with effective results.

Getting to know you and your processes opens their eyes to new opportunities and different viewpoints for their own visions and ideas. Provide a platform offering support and guidance throughout the entire process, the entire working relationship. Building relationships with clients builds your business and sets up great opportunities for your future. Get new clients talking about how easy it is to work with you and how knowledgeable you are. Be the expert you know how to be.

Provide Solutions to Basic On-Boarding Issues

Eliminate constant back-and-forth interactions looking for missing information that are haphazard and unorganized. Provide clear directions and obtain all the information necessary to provide a seamless start to your working relationship. You want to be able to focus on solving their problems and building their business, not gathering information. Hit the ground running so they can see the results immediately, without hesitation.

Taking the time to outline all the information you need to effectively begin working with someone may be time-consuming upfront, but will save you and your clients a ton of time in the end. Make the most of the time you share with your clients by having them complete the workbook up front and gather all those bits and pieces of information in one place. Organization gives you an advantage, allows you to be efficient, and obtain maximum results from each interaction with your clients. Spend your time with them focused on what they really need to become more profitable and reach higher levels of success.

Ease of Use is a GameChanger

In our more mobile world, having a workbook that needs printed just isn't effective. Make the workbook interactive. Allow your clients the opportunity to fill it out on the go and make edits easily. Give them a hassle-free way to provide you the information without extra effort on their part. It not only allows them the ability to complete it easily but also showcases your professionalism and expert level attitude in your own business. You want clients to comment about how easy it is to work with you.

Put yourself out there in a format that is easy to follow and understand while still supporting your level of expertise on your subject matter. Provide clear directives with result-driven narratives to clearly explain why you need certain information. Let clients understand the process so they can see how each piece works to obtain the desired outcome. Don't overwhelm clients with subject-specific connotations that will make the process confusing. Make it clear and simple while still gathering all the necessary pieces.

Start today

Start outlining the process of getting your clients on-board today. Run through the list of everything you will need to get a new client up and running. Start planning and implementing your Onboarding Workbook.

Today is the perfect day to showcase your expertise so that next new client will be secure and supported in their decision to work with you!

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