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I am proud of the work I do, the skills I have, and how I help others reach their goals.

Getting my business to this point - to where I am comfortable with the skill sets I have and how I can share those with others - has been a journey. It's been self-discovery and confidence building, with technical knowledge and trial-and-error thrown in for good measure.

As I continue to grow my business and evolve, I further define the work I love to do, which I can do without, and where my vision and heart live. It's not all about putting in tons and tons of hours each day, but rather fine-tuning my skills to maximize my time and energy. Taking the time for personal development and surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs and soul searchers move me to work towards new goals and keeps me in the trenches of doing the work.

I may have a business where I can work in my jammies, with my hair a mess, but I still work hard and relentlessly strive for perfection from myself. I push myself to reach new goals and bridge gaps in my knowledge base so the next time someone asks me that question (the one I couldn't answer yesterday) I will have an answer.

Regardless of the hours I work, I know my WHY and don't ignore it in the face of the work I need to do. I am more diligent about following set work hours, and do what I can to stick to them. Of course, exceptions do occur, but not nearly as often as they used to. Burn out is real - it is more than burning the midnight oil. It takes shape in health issues, emotional lows, and missed deadlines.

Learning from Experience - there's nothing like it.

Every day as an entrepreneur is a learning experience and there are some experiences I am never prepared for while others are nothing more than a momentary slow-down. There is no way to prepare for every scenario and understanding that good is good enough and perfection isn't attainable keeps the ball rolling. It took me having stalls to realize that it doesn't have to be perfect to get something started and the more I do, the better I get. Answers are everywhere - opinions that work for this person or that, but it took me numerous tries to find out what works for me and where I need to focus my development as I move forward.

Helping Others and Giving Freely - tips the scales toward success.

If I approached my business as if every piece of knowledge I have is worthy of my weight in gold and refusing to accept anything less when helping others, I wouldn't be successful in any way. By sharing my knowledge, offering guidance and assistance, I am able to grow and bring new people into the fold. If someone can't see the value I possess, why in the world would they want to work with me? They would have no idea what I do or what I know. Providing opportunities to showcase my knowledge offers me greater opportunities.

Moving My Body Makes a Difference - exercising regularly keeps me focused and energized.

I get up early and workout before I try to do any work. Doing so keeps my energy levels high and gives me the kick-start in the right direction. I may not have to dress professionally, but it is no excuse not to show up ready to go every day. By taking the time to get my blood flowing, building the strength and vitality of my physical body keeps my emotional and mental well being positive. How could I show up in my business if I was depressed and lethargic every day? I couldn't.

It's completely different than when you work for someone else. Sure, if you don't do the work you don't get paid. But, when you don't have "The Boss" as your motivation, you become the source of motivation. By moving my body early, I am a better source of motivation for myself. I am more likely to get started on the work earlier and not slowly plod through the days. I move and groove to get everything on track and done.

Building My Attitude of Gratitude - the law of attraction works.

Meditation and growing my daily gratitude practices are necessary for me to keep moving forward. When my mindset and energy levels are elevated good things happen. I am able to keep moving forward without the temptation of my fears taking over. It can be so easy to get sucked into the negativity and playing small as my Ego tries to keep me safe. But, good things happen outside of comfort zones. I say thank you for wanting me to be safe and take the leaps in spite of those fears.

Working on it every day, by building up my self-talk and knowing that I am strong enough to take that next step keeps my business growing. I am able to grow the energy and why I am drawn to try that next step in the face of the what-if's and I don't think it's a good idea statements. I am more drawn to say, "If I take this step, am I going to die?" What is the worst that can happen - it doesn't work the way I thought and I try something different. I won't know unless I try it.

What Are You Willing to Try?

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