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Are Intention and Purpose Synonymous?

NO. As a business owner, I know there is a clear difference between Intention and Purpose.

Purpose - the reason "why" I own and run my business. I have a clear purpose in my business. I am here to provide services to overwhelmed business owners. The services provided are those things I enjoy doing. My purpose, my goal, is to relieve the stress business owners feel daily. I am keenly aware of what benefits my clients receive by allowing me to assist them within their businesses.

Intention - is the daily practice I use to make my goals a reality. I set my focus through intention so I can accomplish my goals. Intention is present in my interactions with others, as well as the tasks I complete daily. My intention is a way to manifest what drives my purpose.

Setting Intentions and Purpose doesn't mean I am successful in meeting what I set daily, and that's ok. Intentions are the how, and Purpose is the why. As long as I continue to set daily intentions, I will continue moving forward with my purpose. ​

Do you have clear Intentions to reach your Purpose? I encourage you to get clear on what they both are. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood of your own successes.

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