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As a business owner currently rebranding my business, I can attest to the fact that the idea of rebranding can raise many red flags.

What if I lose my current client base?

What if lose my current traction?

What if my Google ranking drops?

What if it FAILS?

These are all the questions that came up when I first considered this shift. But, there is a flip side to that coin.

I will gain new clients.

I will gain better traction.

I will rank higher on Google.

My mindset will shift as a result - elevating and reinvigorating my drive.

My business recently went through some loss, clients and team members, that made me pause and look at what I could do different or better. That's where the rebranding came into play.

It was nothing that was high on my list, but I felt pulled to do this rebrand. I knew that it would be necessary to take those next steps. But why? Why this? Why now?

Why NOT!

My business is still "small" enough that there won't be much of a loss. It's not like SurveyMonkey that has millions of followers. Now, I know there is severe blow back from that rebrand. But, what I'm doing is small potatoes to that in the grand scheme of things. It may be HUGE for me, but in the business world not so much.

To me this is a Great Opportunity.

I struggled for years to define the clientele I wanted to work with, other than knowing I wanted to support struggling business owners. It didn't matter what niche, what industry. It was all an opportunity. While that was great to learn the ins and outs of different business models and how to tweak certain systems and tech to work in each, my business wasn't standing out anywhere.

When my right hand team member opted to move on, which was the right thing at the right time for all of us, I took it as an opportunity. Yes, at first I felt sick to my stomach, but you know what - I got this. And, in fact, I can do better for myself, for my team, for my clients. So, I felt into what I wanted for my business. I took into consideration where I felt called to support other businesses and I circled back to my longest term client and why, no matter what changes this business went through, I was always eager to support them. It was a niche I LOVE! It was like this beacon lit up like never before - it was something I had been called to years ago while in college. I love buildings, architecture, and the design process.

Supporting my home design client was my sweet spot. It took all of this to find it, plus 5 years of clients spanning multiple niches to find it. I get excited not only about the business architecture side (the behind-the-scenes foundation that keeps your business running), but also getting to see the design process for homes and structures. Looking at plans, siding, windows and doors is something that fascinates me. And, quite frankly, is a big part of why I do what I do.

Just like a home designer can take the ideas a clients wants for their home or building and crafts a beautiful structure that captures the light just so, and the essence of that client, so do I. Just in a different way.

I can look at your business vision and see the bigger picture and how to get there. I can reverse engineer the end result by starting with the foundation, just like you do in home design.

Calling my business Write Way VA wasn't accurate. I am so much more than a Virtual Assistant, and my team provides support that far exceeds the general definition of a Virtual Assistant. We get to the "Works" behind the vision. And, taking my love of structure and partnering it with my love of the written word brings you to Write Way Works™, and the better description of what we do.

So, when you are considering rebranding, and the naysayers speak up, remember this - only you know the vision of where you are headed. They can only see where you've been. Embrace your desire to shift, grow, and spread your wings. The temporary setbacks are far outweighed by the opportunities.

I am always here to support all business owners on their path to growth and success. So, if you need that cheerleader to help you as you navigate a rebrand, reach out to me here.

And, if you are excited about someone treating the back-end of your business as you do your clients' build, let's connect!

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