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It's late March, I am sitting here watching my daughter finish her work shift during this uncertain time. I am in awe of her resilience. She is so driven to achieve those next steps in the life of self-sufficiency that she braves the current state of health in our world. She put on her uniform and anxiously awaited the time to leave and start her shift. Wanting a slice of normalcy to our chaotic state of the unknown.

She didn't get ready amid a whirlwind of fear, but out of longing. The longing to hold on to a shred of her teenage life that was thrust into the abyss of a major health concern. She understands the severity of the world around her and what it means to be on lockdown. No, she does not take it lightly, but for these few simple hours, she was able to feel like she was still moving forward.

Earlier in the day, we took the time to practice parallel parking and all the nuances that come with earning a driver's license. Frustrated that it took a few too many tries to get the car lined up properly between the cones. I sat watching her think through which way to turn the wheel to make the car go where she wanted. That concentration served as a break.

A short break from the "When can I finally go back to school? When can I see our school musical actually in full dress rehearsal and then enjoy the opening night? When can I finish my next test or essay? Will I be able to get my driver's license on time?".

In these moments, I stopped worrying and was just "mom". The person who is there, no matter what and no matter when. The person who answers the questions and reminds of looming deadlines. The person who serves as a beacon of safety and security. It is in those moments I am reminded of how much I learn from my children on a daily basis.

Now, they need us more than ever.

It isn't easy for adults, so please remember it isn't easy for our children either. Create moments where they can enjoy a piece of "normal". Where they can stop asking "When" and just "Be".

They deserve it.

We all deserve it.

Make space, make time, and be open.

Yes, I continually think about different ways I can serve my clients and my business partners. Yes, I feel concern about the security of my business, and my clients' businesses. But, I cannot allow that to overcome my role as "mom".

Be patient with your work, your business, your clients. We are all in this together. Just remember what we teach our children, be kind, courteous, and do good.


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