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We have all seen those ads for a product that just seems to miss the mark and flops. Why does that happen? Why do some ideas grow while others, that on the surface seem good, fail miserably?


It is vital to the success of your business/your product to research your intended audience. What are they looking for? How does your offer meet their need(s)? Do you offer solutions to a problem? Are you targeting the right audience?

Taking the time to complete market research provides the information necessary to create products and offers with the highest success rate. You don't want to take the time to create an offer and launch it to find out you missed the mark. Make the most of your time and effort. ​

1. Leverage your offer to the right audience.

Take the time to research whether you have crafted the right offer for your intended audience. Get to know what your audience needs to answer their problems or pain points. Doing this centers your business on your consumers, not yourself. Sure, you want to be the voice of your brand. However, if your brand falls short for the intended audience the quality of your offer is a moot point. Identifying your target market and understanding their needs is a pivotal point in offer creation. Finding out you miss the mark at the beginning of the process is much easier to course correct than after you already put it out in the market.

2. Impact your future by becoming an Initiator in your market.

Elevate your reputation to your audience by providing relevant and impactful offers and opportunities. When you take the time to get to know your audience, you are better prepared to face future opportunities and provide new initiatives.

You want to be known as the go-to source in the market, not the one always playing catch-up. Staying in tune with your audience through insightful and thought-provoking interactions makes you a source of relevant information for them to turn to time and time again.

3. Stay focused on growth and provide opportunities.

Identifying the areas for improvement within your target market impacts your decision-making abilities for your offers from this point forward. The amount of time you spend on the research is minimal when you stay connected with your market as you continue providing relevant information that they put to good use. Share your knowledge base and provide a strong foundation that will grow as the market grows. Your solutions will evolve along with their issues further justifying your presence as a source of relevant solutions and information.

4. Propel your brand further with strategic marketing.

Once you are familiar with the needs of your audience you can provide solutions in a manner that resonates with them. Marketing is easier when you are knowledgeable on the issues at hand. Relevance is key to the success of everything you present to your audience. The research you've done provides you the sufficient background information to make informed decisions impacting your business successes. Be the one people look to for inspiration, answers and new thought processes.

Fight the overwhelm with solid research.

Insecurities will surface throughout every product design and promotion. It is part of the process. Knowing you have done all the research necessary to present a thorough and resourceful product will keep your audience coming back for more.

Need help with that research? Look no further. Schedule a call with me today so we can get your next product inline with your target audience!


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