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It is interesting to track what trends have arisen in the employment world. If we look at the CareerBuilder image summarizing the Harris Poll national survey results for 2017, you can see that 51% of the positions employers are adding are anticipated to be temporary or contract. In the Virtual Assistant world, this is nothing but a positive for those of us looking to grow our experience and levels of aptitude. Reaching out to companies looking to further their goals through the flexibility of contractors is a way to build a portfolio and make a VA more well-rounded, and have the ability to streamline processes.

The fact the information technology and customer service jobs are a key factor in hiring trends leads to more companies contracting with VAs and IT specialists. This opens the doors to the potential for the newest VAs and IT specialists on the entrepreneurial path. What a way to make an entrance - a testimonial or referral from a reputable corporation.

Leveraging your skills to a marketplace steeped with endless possibilities seems like an easy call.

However, if as a VA you chose to leave the corporate world, the thought of contracting with a company may seem like a step back. If you look at what options are available it could be just the boost your VA portfolio needs.

Look for opportunities that broaden your skill sets or maybe open your eyes to new ways you can utilize your existing knowledge base. Take full advantage of leveraging your skills to venture out a little from your norm to gain newer experiences.

The fact that some positions are simply temporary doesn't mean you shouldn't take interest.

Knowing there is a timeline for your contract with the company gives you an advantage on an employee who is unexpectedly downsized. You have the ability to start lining up a replacement source of income before the need arises. Working in a temporary capacity offers the opportunity to broaden your horizons and get very comfortable with knowing how to present yourself and what opportunities are really worth your time and skills.

Social media savvy candidates are highly sought and expected in today's job marketplace.

Since social media serves as a way to grow VA profiles and utilize existing writing, editing, and marketing skills, this seems like nothing more than one more reason VAs are becoming more sought after in the marketplace. In a world where no one knew what a VA was to it being a highly searched field online, it is key to have a portfolio that encompasses your areas of expertise.

Staying on point with new skills and partaking in training for the most up-to-date programs will keep you on the top of any company's list of potential contractors. Don't forget to continually develop your knowledge base and leverage it to make the most of your opportunities.

There are numerous sites and options for online learning and training certifications. Take advantage of any training a company or contract offers. Engage in service building to maintain your viability in this ever-changing world.

Reach out to me for more information. I am always looking to connect with like-minded initiators.

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