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Sharing the skills important to you and finding a method of sharing that is pertinent to

what your intentions are takes work. You need to be clear about your message and what you want someone to take away from your messaging. Taking the time to research your topic(s) and prepare them in a manner of educating your audience will lead you to be a credible source of information.

What do you want them to know, feel, and do?

Know - Presenting information that is timely, useful, and detailed will provide a resource that the audience can learn from and use. Creating a library of information that your clients can access is essential in building credibility and showcasing your knowledge in an easy-to-use format. Doing so will lead you to be an influencer, a trusted expert, in your field.

Be known as the leader in your industry. Provide value with every presentation. The content should address the needs of your clients at the moment, or present a new viewpoint on an old topic. Be an innovator - make the game change. Worried about giving away the nuggets of gold for free? No need. By providing value, you are building up your presence and growing your audience. When you present information with fresh eyes, you open your audience's eyes as well. Doing so will keep them coming back for more. The more you give, the more they will give in return.

Feel - Your presentations will provide a feeling of trust and comfort to your audience. By opening the door and letting potential clients get to know you, you will build confidence in your message. You want to make them see how the information you provide solves a problem or pain point for them. You become the answer to their problems and BOOM - you gain raving fans who will refer others to you.

By solving problems or relieving pain points, you offer valuable tools to your audience, your clients. The knowledge you provide is a means to grow and lessen those discord-causing issues. This type of value inspires people and gives them the opportunity to create a new mindset with new results.

Becoming the source of solutions-based thinking and giving tools to clients to grow above their problems is key to growing a business. What you offer is the solution they need.

Do - What is the Call to Action? What is the next step for your audience to keep growing solutions, not issues? This is the game-changer. Offering direction that will take them to the next level is what will keep your audience coming back time and time again. Not only are you offering knowledge and solutions, but giving them tools for what's next.

This action step will keep clients moving forward rather than sliding back into old patterns. Building upon the start made with the knowledge propels your message forward. There is a means to climb up the mountain. Don't leave them hanging.

Keep the momentum building by giving them something immediately to do. Timely action, with a deadline, defines those who are truly interested in moving forward. Putting the next step in their hands separates the weak from the strong, the game changers from the victims. Create the mindset that your audience can do it.

What is your next step? Set up a call with me to see how we can make your ideas move forward!


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