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Driving through the country, have you ever paid attention to the rows of crops?

They are straight, even, consistent. The farmer plants them evenly and tends to them on a steady schedule. They are evenly spaced in neat rows. And, every season the crops are plentiful.

This same care and order are needed in all forms of business. Consistency is more than social media content. Consistency is tending to your clients as the farmer tends the field.

Are you consistently communicating with your clients?

You build a partnership with your clients by staying in contact with them. They need to know they are your priority. Let them know the status of their work, even if it is simply that you kept everything status quo. Let them know you are integrated with them every day.

You want to be like the doctor's office who calls when test results come back regardless of the outcome. You feel you are their priority. Treat your clients the same.

Are you consistently billing your clients?

It is important that you bill them on the terms set in your contract. If you become lax about billing them, they will become lax in paying you. Make it an opportunity to show how working with you brings value to their business.

We are more likely to pay the company that sets up bill pay and is steady in the methods of invoicing and payment rather than a haphazard company that bills you once then sends a past-due bill 3 months later.

Are you consistent in the product you deliver?

Be consistent in your deliverables. Once a client is comfortable with your service, don't slack. They are accustom to your Best and deserve it throughout the entirety of your working relationship.

Like Apple who consistently produces reliable smartphones and computers that perform with the same quality as the one before it, with tweaks and improvements. That's what it means to continue to provide your Best. ​

Providing superior service through consistency keeps Write Way VA growing. How can we tend your business needs? Reach out today!


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