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What time does band practice start? Where is the next basketball game? When is the next baseball practice? Isn't there a meeting tonight? Wait, don't I have a conference call in 5 minutes? The school just called, Snow Day today! Now, where do the kids go?

Keeping up with the daily activities, work schedule, and those last-minute 2-hour delays and snow days (here in the Northeast US) is a task made easier as an entrepreneur, a Virtual Assistant. Making a schedule that melds to what the day needs was a game-changer for me.

When I contemplated shifting from an office job to working from home, my family was the center of my decision.

When looking at the changing needs of my family and the daily comings and goings of teenagers, trying to keep a 40 hour week in an office job was unrealistic. How was I to get them off to school, home from school, and to all the after-school activities and meetings without a village of helpers? I couldn't imagine it. Even with the great family I have, it was still overwhelming, to say the least. So, I investigated what options I had. The more I looked, the more I realized working from home was the way to go.

But, how would I do it? How could I? Simple - become a Virtual Assistant.

It wasn't simple. It was a lot of work. Research, soul searching, confidence, a strong belief in my skills, and creativity, not to mention some great mentors all helped me craft my way. Now, I can manage client needs, meet deadlines, and still be there for the last minute snow days, illnesses, and Booster meetings, to name just a few.

Painstakingly finding the happy medium of what it takes to make it today as a parent, a professional, a provider is something we all work to do. In the best of circumstances, it is difficult. Throw in partners who work away from home, single parenthood, or being away from any extended family and those difficulties increase.

Yes, it is possible to do it all while maintaining your sanity and still have free time. Working from home is a leap, of faith and trust, but well worth it.

You craft your virtual business based on you and your needs. Need to limit the number of hours you work on certain days while packing in a 12 hour day once a week is something you can easily manage. Need to take extra time one day, sure thing. Being open with clients is the best way to make it all a success.

Be open to all the possibilities around you. Explore, research, and do what's best for you. Connecting with those of us already doing offers great insight. Let's connect and see how to get you on your way.


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