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I saw a post on Instagram that ruffled my feathers a little. I didn't comment or reply. That's not my style or my way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and find their own way in business. However, it made me look deeper at other areas of the sales aspect of the business.

​It's great to find a way that works for you and how to connect with your audience, but there's a fine line between sharing your finds and pushing your way.

​Different styles of business work for different niches and genres. That's a fact. However, let's all be respectful of choice. We all have the right to choose what is BEST for us. So, here's my two cents on how to do your homework and make decisions for your business, regardless of what any "expert" says.

Do your due diligence.

Take the time to research your options, study potential results, and your own personal work style. Forcing yourself to behave in a way that feels unnatural doesn't make for a successful path. Instead, it makes your work feel messy and inauthentic.

Look outside the "norm."

This should be anything but "Being like the Joneses". This is YOUR business, so make it work for YOU. Lofty suggestions of what you "should" be doing by experts and well-meaning people are just that, suggestions. Only you can decide what will work for you. And, what works for you, doesn't have to be the standard you see everyone in your niche use. As long as it meets your objectives is all that matters.

You aren't always your ideal client.

You don't have to create content that you would consume. I know in my case, I am not my own ideal client. I don't need to be to have success. Actually, moving beyond what I like, I am more likely to reach my intended audience. I have lofty goals for my business, but I am not there yet. So, keeping myself limited to me as my intended audience doesn't push me to reach that next goal.

Be fastidious.

Paying attention to the details will make success within your reach. In creating your business systems, you can't gloss over the finer points and expect processes to work. They will bind up and create bottlenecks within your business that long-term you cannot afford. Take the time to get it right from the outset. Trying to take shortcuts and the easy way doesn't make it right or lead to success. It's in the little details that you will find your greatest steps to success.

Surround yourself with the right people.

You want to connect with like-minded people and those who are reaching the goals you are working towards. Those are the people who will push you to take the next steps and reach the next level. You can't sit with those you surpassed and expect them to hold space for you to reach the next level. Be willing to stretch yourself and your circle.

Stay strong, and trust yourself and your instinct. Allowing others to get you off-track leads to nothing but struggle. Be positive. There are a multitude of options and opportunities. Be open and mindful of your own needs to support your goals. We may stumble, but we get back up and keep pressing on.

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