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As I sat on the front porch watching the kids ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk, I got worried. Riding full speed, without thinking about the what-ifs or falling, raised my "Mom Radar". They need to be careful, what if they fall.

Then I Stopped.

Wait a minute, they are having fun. Why should they worry about falling? If they do, they will get back up and continue on. ​ In the words of Gru from Despicable Me, "Light Bulb". Isn't that what we do in business?

We go full speed with our products and services, running around getting everything ready to share with our amazing clients. Moving faster than we ever thought possible, to get the newest offer out there as soon as possible. Then it happens...


We hit that bump. You know the one - it immediately stops us dead in our tracks. The fear, or the unknown software, that makes our dream, our newest offer, come to an immediate halt. It happens to the best teams, the most successful businesses, and the best-known entrepreneurs. It is something different each and every time or is it something that keeps coming up in different scenarios.

It is OK. We cannot prepare for all the bumps and falls that come along on the bumpy road of business. We can, however, be like the kids who will continue to get up and ride the bikes full speed again and again for the thrill, the fun. We can only prepare so much. There will always be unknowns that slow us down.

Just Don't Stop.​

Find the support you need to keep carrying on and keep running full speed ahead in your business. Schedule a Discovery Call with me today!

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