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Let's get you on a profitable path that supports your creativity and design.
The best way to do so is to provide all of the details up front.


The Works Package

    THE WORKS         


We will start by reviewing your current business set-up and process. I will find where your systems are breaking down, causing a lack of efficiency and revenue loss, and most importantly, where we can improve the systems.


Develop a project mgmt process that you and your team can implement. We break down the life cycle of a design project to build a timeline with milestones, check-ins, and QC standards.


After reviewing your current client onboarding experience, we determine how to automate processes. I will create a high-touch experience while taking you out of the administrative busywork.


Creating a plan to manage your client relationships, along with maintaining those relationships through ongoing support.

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Project Coordination


Ongoing Support         

We are responsible for overseeing and supporting your various projects from start to finish. Working closely with project managers, team members, and clients to ensure all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of everyone involved. We serve as the point of contact for the project team, providing updates, addressing concerns, and facilitating communication.

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